Spectrum King SK-602 LED Industrial Grow Light (120°)


650 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light made in the USA. Replaces 1000W-1200W Dual-Ended Bulbs (both MH HPS). Can be used for both vegetative and flower growth.


Currently the world’s brightest and most efficient LED Grow Light in the marketplace.

    • 610 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light made in the USA, designed specifically for use as supplemental greenhouse lighting. Replaces 1000W Double-Ended Bulbs.
    • Nationwide compliant
    • The SK602 LED Grow Light coverage area in flower is 5×5 ft. and 8×8 ft. in veg.
    • Safety Certified and IP65 Rated. With a rugged waterproof housing designed specially, The SK602GH LED Grow Light fit for use in wet and humid conditions.
    • Produces less heat than most competitors.
    • Same light intensity as a 1000 Watt double ended HPS bulb!
    • Comes with Dual Warranty: Spectrum King SK602 LED Grow Light is guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 YEARS with regular use plus a 5 YEAR Mechanical warranty on all parts and labor.
    • You can choose to add a manual dimmer which enables turning the power down to as low as 10% power for more control when needed.
    • Spectrum King is the only company to guarantee light performance over lifetime with 3rd party certified data.
        • Full-spectrum 610 Watt LED light made in the USA
        • 92% Efficiency!
        • New 7” Low Profile housing
        • Rugged IP65 Rated water resistance housing designed for wet and humid environments
        • Safe for outdoor use
        • Extra efficient heatsinks lower overall ambient room temperature.
        • Same light intensity as a 1000-Watt double-ended high pressure sodium bulb
        • Nine-foot power cord and two large eyehooks for hanging included.
        • Remote Power System compatible (480 VAC)
        • Cool up to 8 Sk602’s with just 1 ton of AC!