Nutrilife Gen R8


Gen R8 is a product used at the flowering stage and created with the purpose of amplifying developing flowers.

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Superb results on flowering plants, as well as medicinal, culinary herbs, and fruiting plants. Manufactured using bio-active compounds including seaweed extracts and rich in amino acids, betaines and phyto hormones with added nutrients to provide food for the sudden development of the flower bud sites. Gen R8 provides available phosphorus and potassium to stimulate blooming and promote flowering.


Gen R8 helps increase bud site  formation and pack on the flowers in flowering, fruiting and exotic  plants. More flower sites means greater yield in many crops.


How it Works :

When Gen R8 is used at the correct time it adds necessary nutrition and supplements to help the plant use its ability to generate a prolific amount of flower bud sites which increase the total amount fruit and flowers produced.