Method Seven Classic Clip-Ons LED/HPS Variations


Method Seven’s Classic Clip Ons attach directly on to your prescription glasses so you can change the way you see your plants! Fits a wide variety of smaller or less shaped lenses. Comes in HPS and LED variations.

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Enjoy the benefits of “Optimized Color” in your grow room with your own prescription glasses! Method Seven “Classic” style clip-ons have high-quality lenses with spring-loaded rubber coated metal clips that gently hold to your eyewear. This Classic style fits a wide variety of smaller or less shaped lenses.  Manufactured in Italy to exacting standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. See. Believe. Incredibly, Method Seven’s synthetic lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision™ performs two miracles.

First, blocking the harsh yellow light emitted from High-Pressure Sodium lighting – found in most grow rooms. (or the Harsh violet light from LED lighting for the LED variety).

Secondly, the remaining portion of the light spectrum is re-adjusted in the lens to create white balanced light. See in optimised colour and work unconstrained. Find yourself constantly squinting in the grow room? Over time, constant exposure to high levels of UV and infrared radiation leads to irreparable eye damage. Including the loss of colour perception, cataracts, and the destruction of your night vision.